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CCA works to advance powerful, self-sustaining partnerships among caregiving families and their supporting communities and organizations. Working together, we create effective new ways to meet the challenges faced by the growing number of family caregivers and those they care for.

We invite you to explore this site to learn about our organization and programs. Please use the Feedback Form to send us your questions and ideas. Your support is always welcome.

 CCA's Programs & Areas of Interest

Our programs and areas of interest include:
Current & Completed Programs

Areas of Interest

 Cooperating for Program Success

CCA works in a complementary manner with other sponsoring organizations, delivering the expertise, specialized services and support needed to help programs succeed. The Association conducts benchmark studies to identify best practices adaptable to our demonstration programs. Through an ongoing process of program implementation, improvement and replication, we hope to help tear down barriers caregiving families encounter in their homes, communities and workplaces. Proposed demonstration programs will be revised based on participant feedback and independent program evaluation. Improved programs will be promoted nationally, with CCA and its partners assisting participating communities to access our services or develop their own adaptations of our prototypes.

CCA plans to become self-sustaining through a combination of sponsorship revenues, website advertising, contributions and voluntary membership dues. User and consulting fees for software, web and technical assistance will also be considered.

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A tax-exempt charitable organization since 2003