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 Companion Restrooms   

Companion Care Restroom Accessibility

CCA is working to increase the number, quality and accessibility of companion care (or family) restrooms. We plan to expand our current efforts through an integrated national program operated with the support of voluntary health organizations and coalitions. With their collaboration, we will enlist national chains (e.g., big box stores, multiplexes, restaurants), major attractions (e.g., sports stadiums, amusement parks, museums) and public service facilities (e.g., airports, DMV’s) to provide caregiving families with accessible companion care restrooms. CCA and its partners will work to have access to companion care facilities covered under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Similarly, we hope to help change restrictive state building codes that discourage construction of companion care restrooms.

To assist in locating these facilities, caregiving families and volunteers will populate a national online database and map with the locations and quality ratings of companion care restrooms. CCA will provide this information in a variety of formats. In example, a mapping service will assist travelers to locate companion care restrooms in TripTik®1 fashion and through GPS receivers as well as cell-phone locator systems. A Restroom Conversion Project will enlist establishments with lockable, gender-specific restrooms to designate them as companion care facilities, as well. Working with community groups, we will help ensure that new and renovated construction of commercial and public space includes a sufficient number of accessible, well-designed companion care restrooms.

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