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 About Us   

The Companion Care Association (CCA)
is a tax-exempt, non-profit public charity founded in 2003 in response to systemic problems encountered by caregiving families. CCA strives to help the frail elderly, people with chronic illnesses/disabilities and their caregivers lead more healthful and productive lives, while assisting care recipients of all ages to remain in their communities. Inappropriate stays in long-term care facilities would be eliminated or postponed. Our programs cut-across disease categories to empower the people they are helping, with the potential to save society much more than they cost while improving the quality of life for millions of Americans.


The Companion Care Association exists to assist caregiving families enrich their quality of life by improving the caregiving process for people of all ages, including those with disabilities, the chronically ill and the frail elderly.

CCA programs are designed to assist caregiving families to:
  • Experience a higher quality of home and community-based care
  • Feel less isolated with fewer instances of burnout and depression
  • Maintain the health and productivity of employed family caregivers
  • Enjoy increased amounts of respite care
  • Receive more volunteer assistance in carrying out caregiver activities and in managing their households, and
  • Use fewer days of hospital and nursing home care


The Association operates with a small Board of Directors (BOD) and Advisory Committee (AC) whose members have experience in family caregiving, the health delivery system and the management of non-profit organizations. We plan to expand our board and committees in terms of expertise and diversity to meet our growing needs.

CCA Board of Directors & Advisory Committee Members

Barry A. Cooper MHA bio, Chairman & President (BOD & AC)
Gary L. Filerman PhD bio, Secretary-Treasurer (BOD & AC)
Robert P. Terzian JD
bio, Director (BOD & AC)
Barbara K. Kincaid bio, Member (AC)

CCA Staff

Mr. Cooper serves as the Association's sole staff member.

 Contact Us

Contact Barry Cooper, CCA’s President, at (703) 538-6719 or by email at Or write to us at:

Companion Care

5031 25th Street North
Arlington, VA  2207-2622
A tax-exempt charitable organization since 2003